Preventing Christmas Decor Fires

Christmas Decor

Holiday décor is an absolute must at the Christmas time to create your house feel happy. Alas, a number of our décor options increase our risk for fires.

As stated by the American Red Cross, over 47,000 house fires happen each holiday period, causing tens of thousands of accidents and promising over 500 lives. It is essential to protect your loved ones and home from vacation fires by picking the ideal Christmas décor and following other security measures. Follow our tips for a safer, healthier, and happier holiday season.

Selecting Your Christmas Decor

Selecting safe décor is the first step into some fire-safe Christmas:

Pick décor that’s tagged as flame retardant or graded for fire security.
Don’t use candles using a real fire, particularly not near a Christmas tree, instead select electrically powered imitation candles. Some have scents, which means that you may have the comprehensive candle encounter.
Select a shrub and outdoor lighting strings which are rated for flame security. LED lights provide less heat than incandescent lighting and will be safer if in close proximity to flammable substances.
If you are purchasing a real tree, then purchase it fresh and keep it well watered. If it dries out, it’ll be more of a fire danger.
When deciding upon an artificial tree, then purchase one that is made from fire-safe non-flammable materials.
When you are reusing past year’s décor, first inspect it for signs of damage. Frayed or damaged lighting strings are particularly liable to initiate a fire.
Additionally, check to find out whether any bulbs are burnt out, and replace them .

Putting Your Christmas Decor

Possessing the ideal décor is half the struggle. Putting it securely is the next key to fire safety.

Don’t block exits with wreaths, lights, or other flammable substances.
Connect no more than three light strands to every socket.
Don’t hang lights around flammable materials such as gift wrap or arid greenery.
Don’t stand trees in which they could block a fire flow or close any heating producing elements such as vents or room heaters.
Avoid unnecessary Christmas décor, particularly those items which are flammableout of the kitchen. Most house fires occur in the kitchen and Christmas décor can fuel the flame.
Eliminate trees immediately following the holiday season so they are not in your house once they’ve dried out. Dry trees are a substantial fire hazard.
Should you utilize real greenery for wreaths or vacation floral décor, then they ought to likewise be disposed of following the holiday season or until they dry out.

In the Event of Fire

Should you suffer a fire this holiday season, this advice will hopefully, keep the flame damage to a minimum. At any time you place possibly harmful décor, such as trees and light strings, then you need to ensure your house’s fire extinguishers are within reach. Specifically, an ABC rated fire extinguisher is ideal for the holiday season, since it can manage the electric fires which could result from mild strings.


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