Why Flood Insurance is a Smart Investment

Protect your home from one of the most common natural disasters.

Damages Add Up

  • A mere five inches of flooding in your home can cost you $11,000 in damages or more
  • In low-risk Places, your valuable appliances and things are stored at ground level
  • Flooding prices homeowners around $6 billion of damages Each Year in the United States

Think about the Risk

  • per quarter of all flood claims are made by homeowners at moderate and low flood risk areas
  • Floods may happen anyplace it rains, and in which floods are infrequent they are inclined to be more severe
  • Global warming will increase flood threat in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami & more

Flood Maps Change

  • A house that has been in a low flood risk region twenty Decades ago may now be considered high risk
  • If You’re in a low-risk area, your flood insurance will probably cost less, Which Makes It a Fantastic investment
  • 23 of our 50 countries have coastal zones, which may also alter and your growth flood risk

Don’t Rely on NFIP

  • The National Flood Insurance Program maxes out at $350,000, even for ruined homes
  • The program has seen problems, sometimes It’s asked for more money than it requires in
  • The program currently costs $20 billion to run, and payouts are usually based on outdated maps

Get Coverage Today

  • Most basic homeowner insurance policies do not include any flood damage restoration knoxville coverage
  • Between 60-99 percent of homeowners effected by flooding in 2018 did not have insurance
  • You Want to wait 30 days after signing up for flood insurance before making a claim

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