Advice on Preventing Home Damage This Winter!

Fall is here, and winter isn’t far away. We are already starting to see a few nights at the prediction with lows below freezing. It is almost always a fantastic idea to winterize your house before temperatures fall to dangerous levels.

Restoration Brothers knows firsthand the numerous issues that sub-zero temperatures may lead to, leading to possible damage and annoyance in your property.

To minimize the odds of damage, below are a few steps we advise that you take to winterize your home.

Blow water from irrigation lines to reduce damage.

Outside of Your Home:

  • Disconnect hoses from outside faucets and make sure taps are turned away.
  • Ensure any exposed piping is insulated correctly.
  • Blow Off sprinklers of any residual water from the lines.
  • Ensure gutters and downspouts are clean and draining properly, and be sure water does not pool on the floor. Water should drain off from your house’s foundation.
  • Close crawlspace vents along with some other vents which might have been opened for warm weather.
  • Check for and seal any leaks about the outside of your home where warm air can escape, focusing especially around windows and doorways.
  • Prune trees and shrubs after the leaves turn to promote healthful growth.
  • Trim tree limbs close to your roof. Call upon professionals to take care of any problems near power lines.

Inside Your Home:

  • Replace your furnace filter and then examine your heating system.
  • Assess the walls, attic, and basement for adequate insulation.
  • Make certain attic insulation does not cover ridge and eave vents.
  • Make sure there are displays on your attic vents which will prevent rodents and birds from having the ability to enter your house.
  • Assess around electrical outlets and switches to get chilly air and insulate where essential.

In case you experience damage to your house because of water intrusion, mold or other reasons, we stand ready to assist. Contact water extraction bee cave professionals for help.

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